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What a beautiful atmosphere!

It’s definitely the comment we hear most often.

We have always thought that the best shape for this project was a café. For us, coffee shops have always been places to meet and discuss and we have recreated the same atmosphere in our place too.

Every now and then there are those who mistake us for a clothing store, a co-working or an art gallery. The reality is that Burō is a hybrid that doesn’t need labels because the people who frequent it are the ones who define it as they want.


In short, not the classic Italian bar!
We have taken care of every single detail to create a welcoming place with an international feel. Every year we ask a different artist to graphically interpret our project and illustrate our shop window which is among the most Instagrammed in the city. Wood, glass, metal and many plants that are never enough.

Quality over quantity

We don’t just take care of the furnishings, but also everything else.
Our offer is limited to a few carefully selected and served products. We only serve specialty coffee that is produced and harvested with the same care. We close at 4pm because we believe in the value of time and working well does not mean working all day.

The team

We prefer to be behind the counter than in front of the camera.
In person we are friendly and even have the most convincing smiles!

Partners in crime

We collaborate with roasters, both Italian and foreign, to spread the culture of specialty coffee.